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TRCP Alliance
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As One of the Directors of TRCP Alliance, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. Ren,aka T'Moya, Director of TRCP Alliance. And I would like to welcome all interested simmers and role players to check out our simulations and role play groups. We even have fan clubs within the hallowed virtual halls of TRCP Alliance. We are not a Fleet. We do not require groups who join the Alliance to post mundane repetitive reports. But TRCP Alliance Staff is there to help Simmers and General Managers of Sims, Fleet, Fellowships, etc. if needed.

Sounds great, sign up? Then go to our TRCPA Yahoo Group and join. Your membership will say pending while during the process. Totally New Sims we may ask that a New to Simming General Manager of the (New Sim) join a TRCP Alliance established simulations and sim with us while they work on getting their new simulation posting and steady. *Note, this part is only for the GMs new to Simming ....*

Send the website link and information about your Simulation,fleet,fan group what ever your site is to: and we will go over the submitted information and get back to you. With regards to things like: Do you want the website linked, Do you want a Banner and link, details like that.

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We also want all General Managers and or Owners of RPG's, Simulations, and or Fleets to know, we do not hold your group hostage if you decide to leave, you retain all rights to your group. Unlike some Fleets/Simming Clubs Leagues. We do not keep a General Managers Sim/RPG if they wish to leave TRCP Alliance and take their group with them.

Want TRCP Alliance to partner with your group,fellowship,ring? email with the specific website,introduce yourself and your group. The TRCP Alliance HQ Staff will notify you of the status. Website updates with your group on them,etc.

Remember the pending process for membership may take a day or so but we will notify you when we have received your application and if we have questions regarding banners or links to be placed on our site we will contact you. Membership with TRCP Alliance is open to everyone. We welcome Simulations, Fleets, Groups, single simulations.

Want TRCP Alliance to join your group? Just email us and let us know where and how to join,and we will get back in touch.

~ TRCPA Directors: renda, agent, gaz, alexis ~


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